Re-Energize Your Team

Your business depends on hiring the right people into jobs that FIT them and surround them in an environment that creates the ENERGY they need.

Get any of the above wrong, and you can have a team that underproduces because of conflict, stress and lack of motivation. Communication errors, procrastination, moodiness, unpredictable behaviours, can negatively impact quality, productivity and team morale and dig into your bottom line.

Basecamp for Teams, is an engaging and powerful process to help you and your team get it right.

  • Reduces stress and resolves conflict
  • Improves communication and collaboration
  • Facilitates strong working relationships

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Basecamp for Teams

Basecamp for Teams is a Training and Coaching program that will:
  • Equip your team with tools for self-leadership, stress management, and decision making.
  • Establish a culture for growth and working from strengths
  • Honor the value of diverse skillsets in accomplishing what matters to your business
  • Improve focus and increase your team's capacity to get the job done

Team Building and coaching will allow each leader to gain massive insight and awareness. Increased self-awareness gets converted into more effective actions. Momentum builds as changes impact others. Iron sharpens iron.

I have honed this process to increase learning, retention and application, so positive action is produced. Many short focused learning sessions work together to drive solid individual and team learning. Bottom line? Learning is actioned, and positive changes get implemented.



Let’s discuss your business, your key challenges and your next steps.



I’ll walk you through a 3 Stage Process called "Basecamp for Teams" so you can measurably increase your team's energy and lead from your strengths.


Implement the key learnings and make best decisions with your team to increase clarity, motivation, and focused action. 



"We engaged Dave to coach our executive team in a very difficult situation. Dave performed above our expectations and has been engaged for further coaching of the senior leadership team."

Bob Roebuck
Chairman, Interim CEO Mission Aviation Fellowship Canada, Former CEO – Jergens Canada

"I took my team through a leadership development day with Dave using the Birkman. My team works with leaders directly, and the value they received and insights they have implemented in their daily lives is remarkable."

Jeff Dione
Director Leadership & Organizational Development

"Working with Dave has been enjoyable and effective. He’s challenging when you need it and gentle when you don’t. He asks the critical questions fearlessly and has enabled us to work as a tight team with even deeper respect for each other. We will gladly use Dave to help us navigate the challenges of a rapidly growing business in an ever-evolving industry."

Lori Litherland
Executive Search Consultant, AgriBusiness

"Dave has a flexibility and very personable style that enables him to work with a wide range of Board, staff and corporate issues. I highly recommend Dave as a person who can coach and facilitate positive change in an organization."

Steven Shaw
Former Vice-President of Corporate Affairs, Greater Toronto Airports Authority

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