Our Approach to Peer Learning

Be in the Room Where it Happens

It's Your Lead brings an innovative, individualized, growth-focussed mindset to all we do. 

You just can't learn everything from a book. Or a conference. Or a teacher/mentor/guru who hasn't actually walked the walk, been in the trenches, and grown a business of their own.

Learning is great. Listening is key. But until you're in conversation with others, dissecting and diagnosing YOUR business challenges, you can only learn so much. 

This is why It's Your LeadTM Mastermind groups flip the traditional learning structure on its head. We create groups of successful leaders who learn from each other while tackling their most critical business challenges in real time. Instead of distance and vague principles, we seek out individual nuances to develop proven-successful business solutions and life-tested strategies – together. 


Strategically connect with owners & founders. High Quality members are hand selected through referral or application. IYL process fosters strong relationships with all cohort members. 


Share your knowledge, expertise, and perspective. Together, group members help each other make the difficult choices to push further. Each member benefits from the strengths and learning of all.


Unique and focused learning. Builds strong peer relationships with intensive coaching, counsel, and accountability. Gain the confidence and clarity you need to optimize your life – at work and home.

The Hexcentric Focus

Rock climbing, as a metaphor, reveals our realities. Like climbers, we face a lot of options, trying to find the best path forward in business and in life. We move forward together, helping each other navigate through the climb. 

Climbers know how to navigate inconsistencies and cracks in the rock, and use hexcentric tools to fill them, selecting and securing the route forward. We do the same. We value the cracks and gaps, explore them, and understand how they are indelibly part of the journey. 

That’s the hexcentric focus: seeing the cracks, using them to our advantage, choosing the best options to secure our path forward, one strategic step at a time.  


Better Together

We are done with the notion that true grit means going it alone. We are done with the pretense that real men don't have emotional needs. We are done with the lie that balance is a myth. 

We are building It’s Your Lead Mastermind groups to bridge all those cracks, to be the leaders’ hexcentric tool, and actually insist that there is more and better for everyone. 

How it Happens

  • Each participant will take a heavyweight personality assessment. Used in Top-tier executive coaching, this psychometric uncovers hidden needs on an individual level.  It can  bring crystal clarity on key strengths, passions and what you expect from your peers and work environment to perform at your best. 
  • Your whole person is brought to the group. This is about life and work in balance, because life is not an either/or scenario. 
  • The goal is growth in all areas, not just one. This allows us to span industries and different stages of life. Groups are built to network and coalesce, rather than compete. They become a sounding board and an invaluable network. 

"The Mastermind provides great value. There is a deep synergy which has developed, providing collective wisdom that is greater than the sum of its parts, by far. It is a genuine group, with camaraderie and sincere care for each other's well-being... which at times includes some friendly chiding. I find it an invaluable time."

Eric Wallace

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