Your Leadership Matters

If you aren't actively working to be the best you can be, we're not getting the best of you. Period.

It's Your LeadTM Mastermind groups are a fresh take on peer mentoring. Posturing and pretence has no place here – this new model is about impacting the life of leaders, rippling success throughout organizations and families.

Mastermind Groups

  • Exclusive small groups of hand-selected entrepreneurs 
  • Confidential online sessions facilitated for productivity
  • Unique Peer learning format that creates clarity, solving high priority challenges
  • Whole life strategies that promote increased success at work and at home 
  • Dedicated time and space for energy management, deep introspection, and improving one’s well being. 

Let's Face the Realities

 IYL Mastermind Groups were designed to combat this all-too-real reality for entrepreneurs. By joining, you aren't adding just another “thing” to your list. Membership means support and freedom. We provide a coach and close knit group of peers to change your trajectory and reinvigorate your life. 

IYL Mastermind Groups match you with a group of owners and founders who get it. Together, within the confidence of your group, you’ll learn how to improve your leadership, scale your business, and create real, lasting cultural change. No adapting a one-size-fits-all model, but instead receiving nuanced, individualized ideas specific to your setting. By tapping into the group’s wisdom you can move forward with intention and purpose. 

IYL Mastermind Groups are a place to explore your limits with people who aren't paid to say “yes” to your ideas. More than that, you'll start to explore what balance can look like. You will (finally) have the space to recognize limitations and bridge them well, rather than watch all your hard work crumble away when it all becomes too much.

How it Works

If you're looking to scale your business, improve your leadership skills, and ignite your relationships (and spend more fulfilling time at home), you're in the right place. 

  • 10 agenda-driven online monthly meetings, per year
  • 2.5 hours sessions, unapologetically facilitated for productivity
  • Groups are determined by geography, allowing in-person connections as able
  • Begins with a minimum of 6 participants, using member-driven invitations to grow the group to a maximum of 12 members 

Leadership doesn't have to feel lonely.

It's Your Lead Mastermind groups are facilitated for productivity, utilizing peer learning, to address the full spectrum of entrepreneurial experiences and challenges. 

The world isn’t short of leaders who are burning out…  we need leaders who are looking to recharge, committed to getting clear and creative, and who are ready to tackle new challenges with new skills. These are the people who find their way to our Mastermind groups. 

"As a self-employed, sole operator entrepreneur, I have found "It's Your Lead - Mastermind" to be a unique and unequaled resource for my business. Nowhere else could I find such an offering of business knowledge, mentorship and camaraderie. A powerful group of businessmen with varied expertise and experience, together, helping each other to be more successful in their businesses and in their lives. A group where I can feel comfortable presenting my business challenges, will receive real-life guidance and have fun in the process. I highly recommend joining a Mastermind group. "

John Farley
Planning & Development

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