A Private Mastermind Forum for Entrepreneurial Leaders



Connect with other authentic, inspiring and talented entrepreneurs to accelerate and sustain your  business and personal growth.


Join this private Mastermind specifically for Owners and Founders.   This confidential forum is designed and facilitated to powerfully catalyze the collective wisdom of high quality business leaders, to support your business and personal success. 

Authentic relationships in a high-trust environment are fostered.  Each member assists the others through personal and business challenges. Openness, respect and candor is expected and encouraged.

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Creating Maximum Value with LEAN Model



High Quality Members, by referral or application.  Process fosters building strong relationships with all cohort members.


Dynamic input from other successful Founder/Owners and Leadership Coach, Dave Loney.



Unique and focused learning. Builds strong peer relationships with intensive coaching, counsel, and accountability. Each member benefits from the strengths and learning of all.


Everyone has challenges.  We help each other make the difficult choices to push further.


Join with like-minded leaders to dig deep into making the important changes. Be surrounded by others committed to their own development and making a difference.  Get access to coaching with Dave on a monthly basis. This is a consistent and dynamic way to reinforce your strengths in leadership.


Dedicated Personal Coaching

Each person receives three focused and dedicated group coaching times (Hot Seats), with a focus on challenge of their personal choice. Includes written preparation and ½ hour clarification and focus coaching with Dave Loney, before the Hot Seat.

Strong Connections

9 Members in Cohort also meet monthly in small groups of three (triads), supporting the building of strong connections with all group members.


Members must make a commitment to attend a minimum of 8 of 9 monthly meetings. Confidentiality Agreements will be signed.



Access coaching and mentoring wisdom for a fraction of the cost of one-on-one coaching.





Monthly Meetings

  • Nine monthly meetings annually. 2.5 hours long.  Agenda driven.  Facilitated for productivity. 
  • Meetings ONLINE via ZOOM.  
  • Groups are based geographically for personal group meetings when COVID protocols relax.
  • New groups start with a minimum of 3, with a commitment to build to 9 members strong, through your referrals, in 60-90 days.  
  • Next group targeted to begin November 2020.
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What Mastermind Members are saying:


‘The Mastermind has challenged my thoughts and actions in life and in business. It has given me the opportunity to share my experiences and learn from the experiences of others.  Most of all, it has let me establish strong friendships and relationships with like-minded people.

You can read all the books you want, but one session in a Masterclass Hot Seat can assist you with some of the most difficult challenges you may have.’

 Kevin Brown
Founder & CEO
Cobalt Safety Consulting, Inc.


‘As a self-employed, sole operator entrepreneur, I have found ‘It’s Your Lead - Mastermind’  to be a unique and unequaled resource for my business. Nowhere else could I find such an offering of business knowledge, mentorship and camaraderie. A powerful group of businessmen with varied expertise and experience, together, helping each other to be more successful in their businesses and in their lives. A group where I can feel comfortable presenting my business challenges, will receive real-life guidance and have fun in the process. I highly recommend joining a Mastermind group.’

John Farley
Planning & Development /Project Investment


‘The  Mastermind provides great value. There is a deep synergy which has developed, providing collective wisdom that is greater than the sum of its parts, by far. It is a genuine group, with camaraderie and sincere care for each other’s well-being... which at times includes some friendly chiding.  I find it an invaluable time.’  

Eric Wallace 

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Connect with other authentic, inspiring and talented entrepreneurs to accelerate and sustain your  business and personal growth.


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