Is it Time to Take the Lead?

An Easy Investment

At a fraction of the cost of similar programs, It's Your LeadTM Mastermind  groups are designed for entrepreneurs – with everything you need and nothing you don't. Your investment includes: 

  • 10 monthly confidential group meetings per year
  • Experienced group facilitator
  • Signature peer learning processing system 
  • Strategic networking opportunities with successful local owners and founders
  • Psychometric Assessment and learning tools
  • Exclusive access to IYL's online resource centre 
  • Early access to IYL leadership development courses and offers
  • Access to private LinkedIn networking group
  • And more!

All for only 


*One year commitment required


This isn’t for everyone...

  • Are you sick of stepping on landmines at work and home? 
  • Are your efforts to scale up leaving you feeling beat down? 
  • Have you read all the books and attended all the conferences but been unable to make real, lasting changes?
  • At the end of each day, are you feeling drained and like the best of you has disappeared?
  • Would you use words like “self-doubt,” “stressed out,” or “shackled” to describe yourself?

If you answered yes to many of these questions, it may be your time to take action.

If you find yourself staring up a cliff and wondering how to climb it well, not just quickly, then it's time to take the lead and start moving.


"Having attended countless investment and personal training seminars over the years, I must say I have gained more information that has stayed with me from belonging to this group. Business or personal information when directed to you from the mouths of people who have experienced or traveled that road, sticks the way no seminar ever does. I have never been in an individual group and was hesitant to join but now I find I cannot wait for our meeting dates."

Albert Ashley

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