Topics 2020: Resilience, neuroscience and more

Uncategorized Feb 27, 2020

As a leadership coach, writing for me used to be confined to my journal. I have stacks of them. They are very private, and some perhaps should be burned – except I like tracing my personal growth through the years. It’s often uncomfortable, but somehow comforting at the same time. Strange how memories and resilience works.

I have a love for writing, but like many writers, I get writers block – for days, for months. That only happens because it means too much to me. Actually I lie. I’ll be very honest. I’m a perfectionist, who does my level best not to look like one. So I’m trying to dial it down and just say it. Cowabunga!

In the next year I will be covering the following topics – and exploring how they are important to those in business. To leaders and team builders. To those in leadership by default and by choice: entrepreneurs, fathers, mothers and children – because you are at least one of them too!

FITTYMIT – Fake it Till You make it.

If you’re feeling sharp, you’ll see it’s not a real anacronym. But it looks good and sounds better. This is a learning modality. And it works. Unfortunately for some, when the learning curve is steep, acting out the learning well before it is hardwired carries a high cost: to self-confidence – and if discovered, to the loss of others confidence. I sometimes wonder if it’s worth the price. You?

Impostor Phenomenon

One of the costs of FITTYMIT is the feeling that many of us can get when we feel we are being fraudulent. Learning isn’t fraudulent. Some of us are predisposed to this feeling because we are minorities. And it’s a feeling that is worth getting over because it can be totally debilitating. It’s not an illness. It’s a phenomenon and it’s rampant. Stick with me and I’ll unpack this.

Resilience and Stress

Seriously? This again. Yup. Stress is both good and bad. With the current and very necessary focus on mental health, we are seeing more resilience and stress related topics.
Honestly – it’s tiring to read about same-o sam-o. Mindfulness. Meditation. Yada yada. While I practice both and definitely have a lot to learn… there must be more… because often it doesn’t work for me. What about you? Let’s keep digging and learning.

Which leads me to…


There is a great convergence currently underway. Psychology is meeting at the crossroads with Neuroscience. Understanding our behaviour is at the intersection. There are reasons we react the way we do, and these are becoming just as much about nature as they are about nurture.

It’s an exciting time…but let’s not make conclusions before the real scientists do their job. Leadership Coaches can oversimplify and jump to conclusions to prove their methodology. I’ll try not to do that. The jury is still out on so much of what is currently in the crosshairs. I want to stay close to this new and exciting field – and post what is relevant and real.


Can you see the theme in the above topics. Hey – it’s not a riddle!
It’s about change. I’m personally in love with the topic. Why? – because I thrive on change, and that’s a good thing. I’ve had to do a lot of it to break out of my past limiting beliefs and habits. I’m a survivor of nurture related PTSD. That’s another story for another time.

Please debate, disagree, share or digress!
Thanks for being here. Really.


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