Are the Right People at YOUR Table?

leadership coaching May 05, 2022

You know that having the right people on your team makes a huge difference: getting the right people in the right seats and ensuring the right people are at the right table is paramount. Having those “right” people work together strategically can make or break the culture, cadence, and success of the business. You know that.

You also know that by surrounding yourself with the right people, everything gets easier. So you spend time, energy, and valuable brain space deciding who should be doing what, where, when, and how. You supervise, encourage, troubleshoot and get creative to unleash their potential and maximize their ability to thrive. 

But what about you?

Who is spending their time, energy, and valuable brain space thinking about how to unleash your full potential – so you can thrive, not only at work, but in every aspect of your life? 

The likely answer? No one. Not even you. 

And you know that doesn’t work, because it isn’t working right now. 

For You, Too

But if you apply what you already know to yourself, a shift will begin. Imagine taking the time to work on yourself with the right people. Instead of only going about the work of supporting and building up others, what if others were there to do that for you? 

Sounds pretty good, but where to start?

It’s actually pretty simple: get the right people at the right table. Find a group of peers who are having (or have been through) these same experiences, set aside time to talk, be open, be honest, be vulnerable. Talk about your work life and challenges. Talk about your home life and challenges. Seek out advice. Give advice to others. Listen. 

Perhaps this is a mastermind group or peer networking group, perhaps it’s one-on-one coaching, perhaps it’s something more casual. Just find a place where you can bring all of you – your work, your leadership, your person – to a confidential, challenging space, and they can bring all of themselves too. With the right engagement, everyone grows and everyone wins. 

Make the Change

Who are the right people for you? Consider those you know who run businesses, who understand the lonely work of leading, who have been through the burnout, the organizational challenges, and the relationships struggles. That’s who you invite: people who get it, who have learned more than you, and who are still willing to learn. You need to get the right people at the right table and get started. 

You can always want to be better and to do more. You may desire life with a fuller balance, richer relationships, and less chaos. But without action, you know none of it will get any better. Bring about change by making a change – get to the right table, with the right people. 


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