Stress to Strength™

Stress to Strength

Stress To Strength

Stress to Strength ™ combines an innovative coaching package with The Birkman Method® in order to provide accurate and insightful information for individual and team coaching.

The result? Responsive, resilient executive leaders who know how to invigorate the strengths unique to their teams, and high-performing team members who help each other succeed.

Individuals and teams learn how to:

  • Modify behaviours, maximize their strengths, create resilience
  • Improve communication and decision making
  • Decrease anxiety, over-thinking, lack of focus
  • Improve ability to manage change
  • Aid in conflict resolution, build healthy team functioning

Learn more at a 20-minute complimentary session with me.

Stress to Strength helps leaders understand how the underlying stress they all experience affects the gap between how they want to lead and how they actually are impacting their team. I highly recommend senior HR leaders add this tool to their tool box.

Ed Pypker

Corporate HR Director

The “Stress to Strength” program has helped me proactively navigate the stress challenge effectively as we continue adding programs and staff to our growing firm.

Brian Carney

CEO, Blue Sea Philanthropy Helping Charities Thrive