About Dave

About Dave

Dave Loney - Pastor Coach

The Birkman “Whisperer”

When David Loney set up The Leaders’ Coach in 2002, he was ready to break the rules—in a positive, life changing way. He had reached a pinnacle as CEO and president of Eagle’s Flight. The global organization he’d founded had sales of $10 million and 100 employees.

But over the years, Dave had become aware of a deep vulnerability in leadership resulting from the pressure to follow what society labels as “right behaviours”. Too many were struggling with their weaknesses instead of working from their strengths. Energy levels and performance effectiveness were suffering—so were good leaders and their organizations.

Based on personal experience, Dave chose The Birkman Method to help individuals and teams accurately identify their uniqueness and secure their best route to personal and professional success.

For over 15 years, Dave has been using the powerful messages of Birkman to help clients choose lasting, behavioural changes.

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Why Pastor-Coach?

Recently Dave began to refer to himself as “pastor-coach”. The words are deliberately chosen to describe skills on which he’s built his reputation: superb intuition mixed with candour and empathy, and an aptitude for building trust, collaborating deeply, and delivering practical wisdom.

“My clients”, says Dave, “Need clarity in the midst of massive change. Using Birkman, I help them reach a new level of self-awareness. They learn how to source and manage their personal energy in order to fuel themselves and their teams. Once they start to look at everything differently, it literally changes the way they live their lives.”

A lover of life, Dave’s favourite past-times include adventure sports, and spending time with his wife and three married children and his very energetic granddaughter.

Dave’s “Language of Seeing”

A cornerstone of Dave’s work is the Birkman Method and Canadian Certification in Birkman Method.

  • As a Birkman Master Certified Professional, Dave is trained to assess the behaviours and motivations of team members, and provide clear strategies to enhance their strengths.
  • As a Birkman Learning Partner, Dave trains and certifies other professionals in The Birkman Method in Canada.
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Sweating From Your Eyes: Emotional Fitness for Men challenges men to a higher level of self-awareness and authenticity, and provides concrete strategies for change along with a coaching model to develop personalized goals.

Ebook Coming Soon – Sweating From Your Eyes: Emotional Fitness for Men