About Dave

Dave Loney - Pastor Coach

I’ve been on a 30-year journey in coaching and training.

My passion for helping leaders to be their best at work and at home began when I was 25 years old in the training department of a trans-national food company. Not long afterwards, I co-founded an innovative experiential training company called Eagle’s Flight. Within 10 years and with an amazing team, we took the business into 17 countries, reaching global sales of $10 million and 100 employees.

I understand what it’s like to feel isolated as a President and CEO. I became frustrated by the amount of energy it took to do my best work, and I was not making time to recover, to stay on top, and to work from my unique strengths.

It’s taken some hard knocks to discover that work and the accumulation of wealth are secondary to being–to experiencing the flow and freedom of my true and deepest self. I’m now 58 with wonderfully talented children, and I’m still married to the woman of my dreams.

Nobody should have “go it alone” in business. Let me help you make the changes that matter and lead through the tough times with confidence—because you are the difference.

I was fortunate to have one-on-one time with Dave coaching through my own Birkman results. As I work with a variety of personalities and work styles, I am more aware of my own visceral reactions to things. I am far more emotionally intelligent and more aware of cues when they arise. As a result, I employ different strategies than I would have previously.

Jeff Dionne

Director Leadership & Organizational Development

I appreciate Dave’s deeply personal style. Becoming a more effective executive is paramount, but not out of context of life, relationships and faith. Our times together not only help me get at the organizational objectives, I come away encouraged in my spirit and feeling cared for in a genuine way.

Neil Ostrander, CEO

International Teams Canada